Donate to the FAIR Task Force

As a grassroots organization, the FAIR Congressional Task Force relies on the financial support of true immigration reformers like you to battle amnesty legislation and promote immigration policies consistent with the social welfare of Americans. When you make a gift to the FAIR Congressional Task Force, we can:

  • Pressure legislators to define their stance on specific immigration policy issues.
  •  Run tough ads targeting key lawmakers to vote against expansive immigration legislation.
  •  Build a grassroots army across the country to pressure lawmakers to oppose any amnesty or immigration expansion legislation.

Join the ranks of true immigration reformers supporting the FAIR Congressional Task Force’s work by making a gift today.

The FAIR Congressional Task Force is a section 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Task Force will support efforts to pass or oppose immigration legislation and are therefore not tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

Tax-deductible gifts to support true immigration reform can be made to the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Other Ways to Give

To donate by mail, make out your check to “FAIR Congressional Task Force” and mail to:

FAIR Congressional Task Force
Attn: Ashley Hall

25 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 330
Washington DC 20001

To donate by credit card over the phone, please call Ashley Hall at (202) 328-7004 and specify you would like to make a donation to the FAIR Congressional Task Force.