Philip Doyle, NC

Name: Philip Doyle
District: US Congress/ NC-05
Party: Republican

1. There are approximately 12 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States, many taking jobs from unemployed Americans. Will you oppose or support legislation that would grant any form of work authorization to illegal aliens?

A: Oppose

Constitutionally Conservative Principles of Immigration

1. Illegal immigration is a violation of our national sovereign borders, the sovereignty of the Several States and the individual sovereignty of our citizens.
2. The security of our Republic, the security of the Several States and the personal security and liberty of our citizens is decreased and threatened by illegal immigration. Our borders and Ports of Entry must be 100% sealed against illegal entry.
3. Persons within the United States without the legal permission to be so, must leave the United States; either of their own volition or by arrest and deportation.
4. Persons seeking legal permission to visit or reside in the United States must request permission for entry from their country of origin prior to entry.
5. Persons who have entered the United States illegally may not seek legal residency while in an illegal status.
6. Persons arrested for illegal entry should remain in custody until deportation is completed. There should be no ‘catch-and-release’.
7. Person that receive legal permission to enter the United States on a VISA, and then purposely and materially overstay the VISA, must be arrested, deported and barred from further re-entry for any purpose.
8. Persons arrested for local or State criminal violations, and then found upon arrest to be in an illegal status, should remain in custody until local or State adjudication is completed and deportation is completed.
9. The length of time that a person has resided in the United States and evaded arrest and deportation while in an illegal status is immaterial to the severity of the original breach of United States Sovereignty.
10. That while the United States Federal Government has enforcement authority over federal immigration laws and foreign citizens subject thereto, the Several States retain their Sovereignty over persons within their States.”

2. Each year the United States gives legal permanent residency (green cards) to another 1 million immigrants who often fill jobs at lower wages. Will you oppose or support legislation that would increase the overall number of immigrants (legal permanent residents/green card holders) admitted each year to the U.S.?

A: Oppose – We are putting immigrants ahead of citizens.

3. Despite growing welfare rolls and chronic youth joblessness, the United States admits over 700,000 guest workers annually to work in numerous professions. Will you oppose or support legislation that would increase the overall number of guest workers admitted each year to the U.S.?

A: Oppose – Guest workers become illegal immigrants. The guest workers just save themselves the trouble of sneaking across the border. Guest workers should be under a posted bond by the sponsoring employer. If they don’t leave the country

, the employer loses the bond. A $1,000,000 bond per employee should be sufficient. After all, the employers all state that these temporary workers all leave the country as scheduled.

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