Who Has Taken the Pledge in OK?

TRUE immigration reformers all over the country were ecstatic to see how the issue of immigration played a key role in Virginia’s primary, where challenger Dave Brat upset House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Not only was immigration the pivotal issue in the campaign, all those who followed it know that Dave Brat signed the FAIR Congressional Task Force (FCTF) Questionnaire, while Eric Cantor refused.

The Task Force Questionnaire is simple, consisting of only three questions. It asks candidates to declare whether they support or oppose:  (1) amnesty;  (2) increasing the number of guest workers; and (3) increasing the overall level of immigration. When candidates sign the questionnaire

, voters know whether their candidate supports TRUE immigration reform.

Now we need your help to ensure that, like Virginia, immigration plays a key role in the Oklahoma primary. But time is running out. The primary to determine Oklahoma’s candidates for U.S. Senate is June 24th–this Tuesday! 

Oklahoma has seven Republican candidates running for retiring Senator Tom Coburn’s seat. Four of these hopefuls have signed the questionnaire. These include:

However, the three other GOP Senate candidates – T.W. Shannon, U.S. Rep. James Lankford and Eric McCray – have not signed the Task Force Questionnaire.

We know Oklahomans care deeply about immigration. Help us ensure your candidates care as much as you do.

Please act NOW! Urge T.W. Shannon, James Lankford and Eric McCray to sign the FAIR Congressional Task Force Questionnaire before Tuesday’s primary. 
Here’s what you can do to make a difference:

1. Call the campaign offices for T.W. Shannon

, James Lankford and Eric McCray, and urge them to sign the FAIR Congressional Task Force Questionnaire.

  • T.W. Shannon campaign: 405-772-7444
  • James Lankford campaign: 405-509-1182
  • Eric McCray campaign: phone number not listed on campaign website

2. Email the campaigns of T.W. Shannon

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, James Lankford and Eric McCray, and urge them to sign the Task Force Questionnaire.

3.Write a short note on these candidates’ Facebook pages or send a tweet urging them to sign the Task Force Questionnaire.

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