Candidate Questionnaire: Will you promise to protect American workers?

American workers are facing desperate economic conditions.   Wages have plummeted while millions of Americans have been pushed out of the labor force entirely.  Youth unemployment is sky-high.  Decades of record immigration have placed enormous stress on American jobseekers

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, taxpayers and communities.  Yet politicians in Washington who claim to oppose “comprehensive immigration reform” are pushing legislation that would not only legalize millions of illegal workers but give mega-corporations millions of new foreign workers — depressing wages and reducing jobs for American workers.  It is therefore essential that we know whether you will support TRUE immigration reform policies.

The FAIR Congressional Task Force invites all candidates across the country to put their position on immigration reform on the record.

Download the PDF of the Questionnaire here (right click and select “Save As” to save the PDF to your desktop. You can also fill out the survey online here.

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