Rick Van Glahn, NJ

Name: Rick Van Glahn
District: House – NJ 11
Party: Republican

1. There are approximately 12 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States, many taking jobs from unemployed Americans. Will you oppose or support legislation that would grant any form of work authorization to illegal aliens?

A: Support – At this time in our country’s history, we have over twelve million illegal aliens. Unless we figure out a way to deport all of them, we have to come up with a way for them to be here and to contribute to our country and not take from our system.

We’ve got to figure out a system where if people are here and they are employed, they must pay all fees and taxes as required of our citizens. An identity system should be developed to assure they are who they say they, whether it be retina scan, finger prints or some other means. There needs to be documentation for that and a fee must be paid to the government for the privilege of being here.

We have the same border situation that we’ve had for two hundred years. The difference is that now we are paying people and helping to support those who come here illegally. Unless we end all housing subsidies, food stamps, free phone service and whatever benefits might be available, to those who come illegally we will never stop the influx of illegals.

We should be making it more difficult and less financially attractive for illegals to cross our borders and we must urge our government to enforce our current immigration laws.

2. Each year the United States gives legal permanent residency (green cards) to another 1 million immigrants who often fill jobs at lower wages. Will you oppose or support legislation that would increase the overall number of immigrants (legal permanent residents/green card holders) admitted each year to the U.S.?

A: Oppose – I will not support increasing the number of people who are able to obtain green cards for permanent residency. We have many citizens who need jobs, and though the wages might not be as high as some would like, eventually the free market would raise those salaries to where people would be more willing to do those jobs. Government meddling and social engineering are hurting our citizens and keeping business from thriving and growing.

3. Despite growing welfare rolls and chronic youth joblessness, the United States admits over 700,000 guest workers annually to work in numerous professions. Will you oppose or support legislation that would increase the overall number of guest workers admitted each year to the U.S.?

A: Oppose – Until we have full employment for our citizens and have the influx of illegals under control, we should not consider raising the number of guest workers. Even then we should consider very carefully what raising that number of people would mean to our country and business. Our first responsibility is to our citizens who have paid and make this country work and to the businesses who help to keep it strong by creating jobs and keeping OUR people working.

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