FAIR Task Force

A Message to our Readers

Why our work matters

Thank you everyone who supported and promoted the questionnaire prior to this important 2014 November election. By all accounts, the issues raised in the questionnaire were pivotal in highlighting the important differences between candidates, and helped American voters understand where office-seekers stood. The FCTF promoted the questionnaire widely through outreach and advertising (particularly on the Mark Levin radio program); capable talk hosts such as Laura Ingraham were diligent in ensuring candidates would go on the record in response to these questions.

The 2014 campaigns had many memorable moments: both Republican and Democratic Senate candidates answered and signed the questionnaire. Most notable, however, was the moment with David Brat, now a congressman-elect in Virginia’s seventh district, stood outside the statehouse last summer and challenged the now-defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to sign the FCTF questionnaire. We know the outcome of that race. Clearly, candidate positions on amnesty and related issues proved to be real game-changers in the recent election.

The FCTF can continue to play an important role in both legislative and candidate queries, but only with your continued support. The FCTF and its companion organization the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) need a strong action organization in the FCTF to meet today’s crisis environment. Please know your dollars to the FCTF are a wise investment, and the results are concrete and measurable. Thank you.

Dan Stein
President, FCTF


New Alert – Two Questions to Ask Every Candidate

Candidate Questionnaire: Will you promise to protect American workers?

The FAIR Congressional Task Force invites all candidates across the country to put their position on immigration reform on the record.

American workers are facing desperate economic conditions. Wages have plummeted while millions of Americans have been pushed out of the labor force entirely. Youth unemployment is sky-high. Decades of record immigration have placed enormous stress on American jobseekers, taxpayers and communities. Yet politicians in Washington who claim to oppose “comprehensive immigration reform” are pushing legislation that would not only legalize millions of illegal workers but give mega-corporations millions of new foreign workers — depressing wages and reducing jobs for American workers.

It is therefore essential that we know if candidates support TRUE immigration reform policies.

The FAIR Task Force Questionnaire is simple, consisting of only three questions. It asks candidates to declare whether they support or oppose: (1) amnesty; (2) increasing the number of guest workers; and (3) increasing the overall level of immigration. When candidates declare their opposition on all three questions, voters know their candidate supports TRUE immigration reform.  Download the PDF of the Questionnaire or click here to take the survey online.